Cheryl and Mary truly live the title of their book and are two of the most peaceful, loving, and grounded people that I know. They were both part of my spiritual awakening , and I have grown tremendously as a result of working with Cheryl on emotional clearing and personal growth over the course of several years. I would read anything that the two of them wrote! Gail T., Newtown Square, PA

Our relationship could be as horrid as it was passionate. Neither of us wanted to lose our relationship, we just had a constant rotation of … good that went bad.
In a blink we could go from bliss to total mayhem. Old unresolved issues, old insecurities  that laid dormant for years, out of nowhere would rise to the surface…and the hamster wheel would start with negative thoughts/feelings. Once the negative thoughts took hold, neither of us could figure how to get back. There was no shortage of hurtful words between us. Finding the positive felt impossible.
Our Life Coaching with Cheryl taught us how to find the positive feeling/ words towards each other again. In addition to “recognizing the pattern of negative words and actions”, we are now equipped with responses to quickly apply if they do crawl back in start!
Cheryl has helped both of us to “plug back in” when “upset” knocks at the door. We learned to “check in” with each other in our communication and feelings. As Cheryl worked through our old issues it was done without blame, she moved us both forward.
We are grateful for the compassion in her work.
 Rick & Lorey

There are truly not enough words to say what Cheryl and Mary have done for me. So the short version would be, "life changing and thank you!" Carol Wagner West Chester, PA

Both Cheryl and Mary are so solid and so caring.  I value and appreciate their presence in my life enormously and trust them completely. I have referred a number of clients to Cheryl and Mary and every one of them has been delighted with the results.  What a great idea it would be for you to make Cheryl and Mary a part of your life!!! Qatana Samanen

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