Our Services

We have found by working with Grace, Flow, and Ease in our own lives, that it is a life-style, a daily practice, and attitude. While it can be simple, it requires some clearing of the old ways, opening ourselves to new possibilities, and moving into a deeper place of “allowing” within. To help assist our audience with this, we offer the following services:

Coaching- in person, by Skype, or by phone

Offering you professional, personalized coaching, Cheryl will show you how to bring more Grace, Flow, and Ease into your daily life. She assists in empowering you with tools for interrupting old patterns of negative thinking, releasing and healing old blocked emotions that may be driving you in directions you are tired of going, and bring forth the life you have been wanting. Cheryl helps bring understanding and healing, so that there is profound change in you and your life. Her work is compassionate, powerful, and moving. It is for those that want and are ready for real change in their life!


We offer webinars for discussions on how to apply Grace, Flow, and Ease into your life. You can see the schedule for live webinars, and also find those archived and are available. The benefit of the live broadcast is that you can ask questions, as well as see the current questions people are asking and going through as they are living with Grace, Flow, and Ease. The benefit of the archived is that it is available after you missed the live broadcast, and you can also watch it at your convenience.

Public Speaking

Audiences have found Cheryl and Mary’s talks to be inspirational, informative, and fun. They are speakers that you will want to invite again and again. They can give a short presentation of 30 minutes, or they can speak for hours. The audience will be engaged, uplifted, and so glad they attended. 

Invite Cheryl and Mary to be guest speakers for your audience or congregation.


Free-Lance Writing & Editing

Both Cheryl and Mary provide free-lance writing and editing services. Whether it is magazine articles, blog posts, social media, business materials, or your creative writing project, they provide results that leave their clients pleased. They always offer a satisfaction guarantee.