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At the end of March, we retired from our holistic health practice and took a five month sabbatical while we got our house ready to sell, and sold. We took time to rest, play, read, write, contemplate, do some research, and live life at a whole different pace. This was to be liminal time as we prepare for the next phase of our lives - which will be about living in a different country -a new culture, learning a new language, new foods, and experiencing life outside the US. In short- we are going to be living our next dream!

What has two women - in their 60's, give up all of their belongings (except for 2 suitcases each and a few boxes stored in the US) and strike out on a new adventure? Stay tuned! Our first new home will be Cuenca, Ecuador! 

Life- living our dreams!

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Cuenca, Ecuador

Cheryl & Mary were thrilled and honored to be part of this wonderful world summit in March. It was a week of amazing presentations with these wonderful people from all over the world sharing their knowledge, wisdom, and deep desire for helping all of us to live our best and make an impact in the world. Look for the upcoming 2017 summit!

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